Our community-based genetics service assures access to genetic counseling for patients and their medical providers in the communities where they live and work, and promotes public awareness of genetics in everyday life.

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The Central New York (CNY) Family History Initiative serves to promote healthy families in central New York through family health history collection.  We invite you to learn more about how to collect your own family health history and how that information can help you lead a healthier life. Learn more... 

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This website is to increase public awareness of genetic counseling services and to learn more about genetic counseling, genetic counselors, and the families they serve. New York State genetic counselors are a diverse group of trained professionals with advanced degrees in genetics and genetic counseling.

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Genetic Help Desk

Genetic HelpDesk is an innovative web portal and genetic resource for physicians and healthcare providers.

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negative BRCA test

Because genetic testing is not perfect, and other genes for breast and ovarian cancer exist, the purpose of this website is to help men and women understand their negative test results and the possible next steps for genetic counseling and/or testing.

We are a national service and welcome inquiries from both men and women.

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Heart and Genes is a program specializing in understanding the role of genetics in cardiovascular disease. Our genetic counselors meet with individuals and families to discuss personal, family history, and environmental factors that may place them at risk for cardiovascular disease. We also discuss genetic testing options if available, and if so, we help select the correct gene for testing. Our counselors provide support to families at risk for heart disease, advocate for services, and refer families to local and national resources and support groups when appropriate. We serve families in upstate New York .

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Do you need to know if and how a condition is inherited?

Do you need to know if there is a genetic test for a condition, or how to order the test?

This is a unique and free resource for physicians and health care professionals in the Mohawk Valley. There is an increasing need to utilize genetic information and genetic tests for patients and families. Did you know that gene testing is available for over 1000 genetic conditions?

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Hello and welcome to our video series providing infertility education to help men and women in the Deaf community who are worried about having a baby. Who are we? We are the Ferre Institute. We have been providing information and education about infertility and choices in having a baby for over 35 years.

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In New York State, each year approximately 125,000 pregnancies are at risk of inadvertent exposures to agents that may cause birth defects. Furthermore, research shows that all pregnant women experience about three exposures during a "routine" pregnancy. These exposures can be medications, environmental exposures, workplace exposures, illnesses or infections, alcohol or other drugs and other exposures such as hair dye and skin care products. While some of these exposures could be avoided, others such as medications for medical treatment are necessary for the mother's well being. Our goal is to identify those exposures that increase the risk of birth defects and provide women and their physicians accurate information so that together, we can improve pregnancy outcomes in New York State.

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The Infertility Education program provides information and resources on infertility and related health issues to healthcare professionals and the public. More specifically we make available, to couples experiencing problems bearing a child, resources for treatment and resolution of infertility, and adoption options. Professional resources include training in infertility and related reproductive health issues.

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LGBT Family Health History

LGBT families are created in many unique ways. This website was created to help LGBT families understand how health, family history, and genetic background are an important part of future health.

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Families of Color logo

Families of Color Initiative was launched in 1999 as part of Ferre Institute’s Infertility Education Program. A review of the medical literature was led by Murray Nusbaum MD, Medical Director of Ferre Institute, to explore options in raising awareness about racial and ethnic disparities in access to information and care of women and men concerned about infertility.In 1999, Dr. Nusbaum provided a two year grant to launch the Families of Color Initiative. Tina Pilgrim RN MSW joined as the Project Director. During the two year grant Ms. Pilgrim actively approached many health and social organizations, seeking partners in bring information and support to communities of color. Since 2001, the Families of Color Project has had a web presence, been available to answer questions, and continued to encourage discussions about this important health disparity.

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Providing New York State residents with support group resources on infertility and related health issues.

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